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Nichola Gregory  BA (HONS), MBACP

Finding Flow

The Finding Flow in adolescence programme has been developed to teach about stress, and help young people to cultivate personal resources such as optimism, balanced thinking, resilience and determination. Young people in possession of these important life skills are often better positioned to effectively manage their emotionally related challenges. 

Complex brain systems, such as the limbic system (emotions) and the default brain network (resting brain state) help to demonstrate how intimately emotional integration and memory are connected. Learning associated with positive emotions, such as curiosity, passion and excitement tends to be retained more easily, whereas learning associated with negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, boredom or confusion is more easily forgotten. Improved memory function is therefore one of the many benefits stemming from the cultivation of balanced emotional states.

Good for Stress Management

Adolescence can be a tricky time. In addition to dealing with the sometimes complex changes associated with puberty, it is not uncommon for young people to be aware of feelings of stress or pressure in life. There could be pressure to do well in school, or to look a certain way, or perhaps even behave in a certain manner. Some young people experience difficulties in their home environment, or with family relationships, whilst others can be challenged by social bullying.

A full day group workshop developed to offer mental health support to young people aged between 14-18 years (up to 10 participants).

The Workshop

The science of positive psychology helps us to understand in order to feel really happy, motivated and fulfilled in life, the fish should learn to embrace, develop and celebrate his very own set of unique skills ... and the monkey is wise to do the very same. 

"I feel like I understand more about why my emotions are the way they are, less broken and confused. I feel understood and relieved because other people care and are going through similar situations. I feel as though talking in a group and knowing other people understand has helped a lot." (Year 12)

"Mentally drained but satisfied to have this feeling as I know where I can at least start: moreover, clarity, refreshed and accepting - 3 words that describe what I have gained from this." (Year 12)

"I feel valued now because of the chats we've had. I like how we were talked to one by one. I like how we were all accepted, and talked to each other about how we feel. I feel like even though things are hard, there is a huge chance they will get better. I feel hopeful." (Year 12)

"Today was brilliant. It has made me realise so much, not just about myself, but also about the fact I'm not alone. It has given me strategies and points on how to cope with stress and feelings." (Year 12)

"I enjoyed getting to know how other people feel by sharing thoughts around the group. It's helpful to know others feel the same." (Year 12)

The Finding Flow Yurt 

Adolescence Well-Being Support

Outside of heavy winter weather the workshop takes place in the Finding Flow yurt. The yurt is 12ft in diameter/6ft high walls/9ft centre height, and fully fire and waterproofed. This dedicated space is adored by young and old, and makes for the very best kind therapeutic environment.

Good for Memory

Good for Self Esteem

'If you are a fish, don't try and be a monkey. You'll become frustrated when you can't climb up the tree.'

Participant feedback helps to demonstrate the therapeutic power of group work - put simply, it can be really helpful to know we are not alone in our struggles. Group work helps with developing empathy for the self, and others:

Group Workshop Feedback