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The first session allows us to meet and decide if we want to work together, and gives you some time to tell me your story. Research demonstrates that it is vitally important to find the right therapist for you - as the relationship with your counsellor  can make a substantial difference to the outcome of therapy. Should you decide you wish to continue, it would be common to experience some form of shift or change in perspective to occur within six sessions.

"Cannot recommend highly enough. Nichola has a wealth of knowledge and experience and guided me through a minefield of questions and uncertainties in a calm and supportive way, helping me understand myself and making me feel I was never alone." (Facebook Review)


Counselling helps everyday people with everyday issues. Sometimes people require additional support to help them through a particularly challenging life event, or they might benefit from identifying negative patterns of relating, or behaviour. Counselling is a collaborative process where through a series of regular sessions we work together to explore and understand your difficulties.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Depression

Loss and Bereavement - Loss of Motivation - Low Self Esteem - Anger Management - Relationship Issues - Family Issues -Infertility - Work Related Stress - Affairs and Betrayals

Separation and Divorce - Sexuality

The first session lasts for two hours and the cost is £70.00.

Thereafter, counselling sessions last one hour and the cost is £35.00.

"Seeing Nichola was a big step for me because of fear of the unknown. I soon realised there was no need to worry as I was made to feel comfortable, and immediately welcome - and in a casual environment, which worked well for me. After each session I always left feeling good about myself. I believe this is down to Nichola's way of explaining things, and always making sure I had a vision to focus on. The sessions were never just about my problems, but also about focusing on my strengths and how i could use them to better understand and deal with different situations." (On File)

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Therapy is a unique relationship, and you may reveal things about which you’ve spoken to few, if any, other people. All your communications with me - whether in person, or by telephone or email - remain entirely confidential.

Counselling Can Help With:


My role is to help you understand how you relate to yourself, and others, by facilitating a space for your self-exploration so to help you to recognise unhelpful patterns in your life. We will have regular reviews of the work to ensure we stay on track and that the sessions are meeting your needs.

- Viktor E. Frankl

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Humanistic Counselling

Sub-Fertility and IVF Support

Reflexology, Ear Acupuncture


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