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Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture



2 Hour Consultation and Treatment (recommended for complex anxiety/IVF): £70.00

Frequently Asked Questions

"Nichola is one special lady! I was initially looking for help with ear problems, labrynthitis and vertigo but found so much more during my sessions with Nichola. She has helped me to become more self aware and mindful. I went to her feeling broken and she has helped me look at my life in a completely different way. The vertigo has subsided and as I follow Nichola's advice, I am finding new hope and flow. I have no hesitation in recommending Nichola's services." (Facebook Review)



  • Involves using small electric currents to stimulate muscles and nerves.
  • Also referred to as percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or PENS.
  • Very helpful in managing neck and back tension and pain, foot pain, chronic headaches and migraine, and symptoms relating to fibromyalgia.

One Hour Single Session:


Six Session Package Including a 2 Hour Initial Consultation (paid in advance):


A. Yes.  Sessions are always tailored to the clients needs. Clients are never pressured to receive any treatment or intervention they don't want.

In many instances clients are able to loan a device for the duration of their Finding Flow sessions.


"After 10 years of being overwhelmed by unnecessary panic and anxiety, I found myself back online researching more techniques and therapies to help me 'cope'. I was desperate to be 'normal' and tried so hard to be happy and positive. Unfortunately I would just crash/burn and go round in the same circle - how exhausting! After reading about the benefits of reflexology, it prompted a recommendation from a great friend who had heard good things about Nichola. WOW!! She was not wrong. I am entirely grateful for all the guidance and support to help me finally overcome this huge hurdle. At one stage it seemed impossible, however here I am, after being 100% committed to my therapy. FINALLY anxiety free, happy, super proud of myself and chasing my dreams. Thank you! Thank You! I will continue to recommend Nichola to my family, friends and acquaintances and whenever I hear of anyone needing a little helping hand." (On File)

Additionally, within my practice I work with a selection of easy to use biofeedback devices. Biofeedback is a technique used to learn how to control body functions, such as heart rate.

Q. Can I simply attend for reflexology? What if I don't like the idea of acupuncture, or needles?

Stress - Anxiety

  Panic Attacks - Depression 

 Sub-Fertility & IVF/ICSI Support

 Autoimmune & Inflammation Related Disorders (i.e. lupus, CFS, interstitial cystitis, labrynthitis)

 Digestive Disorders - Pain Management, including chronic headache & migraine

 Neck and Back Tension


A. In the first instance it is a good idea to book a consultation appointment to learn more about the sessions and meet with Nichola. If you are content to proceed, the normal recommendation is to begin with six sessions. Most clients will experience some alteration in symptoms relatively quickly. Session content and focus is regularly reassessed to ensure clients needs continue to be met.

"Nichola is the most caring, empathic, understanding person I know. She has endless knowledge and intuition which she shares during sessions enabling understanding and promoting self care. The various therapies I have experienced with Nichola have had a profoundly positive and empowering effect on me. She has helped me through some very difficult times and I always highly recommend her to anyone who will listen." (Facebook Review)

  • Non-invasive
  • Touch and pressure based
  • Normalises vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, etc)
  • Encourages oxytocin release
  • Encourages local perfusion (blood flow to vital organs)
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage and pain management.
  • Recommended for stress and anxiety.

Nichola Gregory  BA (HONS), MBACP


Non-invasive probe (no needles)

With biofeedback, electrical sensors receive information (feedback) about the state of the body (bio) which helps the user to focus on making subtle changes, such as relaxing certain muscles, or slowing their breathing. In essence, biofeedback gives the user the ability to use their thoughts to control their body, and so can help with both calming the nervous system, and in managing pain.


  • A specialist complementary therapy
  • Involves the insertion of small, sterile, disposable needles, or sometimes the application of electro-acupuncture
  • Used extensively in the drug and alcohol field
  • Over 70 different acupuncture points on the ear, each relating to a specific body organ or system.
  • Relatively painless
  • Works well alongside reflexology


iRelax Biofeedback Device

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Q. How many session will I need to feel better?

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