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Durham Therapy

Nichola Gregory  BA (HONS), MBACP

Finding Flow

Cost: £30.00 for four weeks

This full day workshop, based in health and positive psychology, teaches participants how to recognise, and effectively manage, everyday stress, as well as identify what might be uniquely important to each of us on the path to happiness. 

Date: Sunday 16th October

Time: 10am till 4.30pm

Cost: £70.00 (lunch provided)

Time: 7pm till 8.30pm

An informal, often laughter filled, gathering where we attempt to quieten our busy monkey mind, and locate our inner peace!

'Build Confidence and Self Esteem'

A yurt is a traditional form of portable housing from Mongolia (known as 'ger'). You may be familiar with the concept of yurts in the UK as a popular 'glamping' option, but I bet you didn't know they also double up as the very best kind of therapeutic and mediation spaces? Our beautiful, handmade, 12ft, pop-up yurt comfortably seats 10-12 people. Workshops are held in the yurt between March and October.

Time: 10am till 4.30pm

Group Workshops, 2016

Location: The Finding Flow Yurt, Durham, DH1

This full day workshop has been developed to support those feeling weighed down by confidence and self esteem issues. The workshop takes a humanistic approach; exploring how positive self esteem can be damaged, and offers participants with a safe space in which to explore their own personal meanings, as well as develop useful self help tools.

Hire cost: £150.00 per day, or £250.00 for two days. Delivery (within 25 miles) and set-up included.

The Finding Flow Yurt

 'Lose Stress, Find Happiness'

The Finding Flow yurt offers a very special alternative teaching space to those facilitating mediation, reiki or shamanic workshops or classes. The yurt is incredibly sturdy and stable, once constructed, and both fire and waterproofed. Comfortably holding 10-12 people seated in a circle, or 6-7 for bodywork, the yurt comes fully furnished with a 12ft coir matting floor, rug, throws, cushions, table, decoration, battery powered lighting, and a safe heating source.

Cost: £70.00 (lunch provided)

Please Note: The yurt is 12ft in diameter/9ft high, and requires seating on a level lawn area. Both smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited in the yurt.

'Monday Chinwag and Meditation'

Yurt Hire to Tutors

Date: Saturday 15th October

To book your place on a workshop event, or enquire about yurt hire, contact Nichola on 07956 410854

Location: The Finding Flow Yurt, Durham, DH1

Location: The Finding Flow Yurt, Durham, DH1